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Food Industry

In the food-processing industry use of the equipment, the Italian manufacturer ICF&Welko, opens possibilities to make dry a meet broth, albumin, an extract of meat and glands, gelatin manufactures., and also the agglomerated dried milk, casein, whey-sweet and sour. To receive dry beer yeast, a powder spirit bards, an extract of tea, vegetative cream and as sea seaweed (alginate sodium).Production the products set forth above is readily available process. With the help instantizer these products will get quality fast wetting. Thanks to it turn out fluidizing instant products, such as coffee, cream etc.

At use spray dryers ICF you have an opportunity to make a dry powder of an onions, garlic, a tomato, powder extracts from berries - of a raspberry, a strawberry, a currant, a water-melon, a melon, a cranberry, a cowberry etc., from fruit – cherries, an apricot, a peach, apples, pears, having merged etc.

There are no complexities and at processing of fight of eggs. Thus profitableness of the enterprise increases in 4,5 times, and the time of recovery of outlay decreases about two months.

Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry

By means of Italian spray dryers, and instantizer you have possibility to receive powders and granules of medical products, such as inulin, saccharin, various antibiotics which are widely used in pharmacology.
In a himiko-pharmaceutical industry spray dryers used mainly when short-term contact piece of a product to the heat-carrier-air is desirable and it is necessary to spend drying from a solution. For example, spray dryers apply to drying from a solution of such thermolabile products, as extracts of plants, fermental preparations, solutions and also some synthetic medical products. The method spray drying is applied also to dehydration of solutions of some antibiotics.

In turn evaporation and crystallisation, allow to receive crystal salts from certain solutions both for various preparations, and for cosmetic procedures.  

Building industry

Our equipment allows to solve problems on manufacture for reception dyes, dry glues, polymers of vinilacetat, shchelochno-ground carbonates, ceramic glazes, decorative clays. Spray dryers of manufacture ICF&Welko have especially important role in the field of manufacture of a ceramic tile. After all the first dryers which were made by our company, intended for these purposes. Received by a method of dispersion the press powder, for the further pressing of ceramic tiles from shliker, became an irreplaceable component in manufacture of a modern tile.

Petroleum-refining industry

In the given branch by dispersion substances which are a part of an oil extracting waste dry. These are such substances as chisel clay and withdrawal. Heats spray drying allow to receive on an exit the granulated preparations with the set parametres. Despite high-temperature processing, process spray drying in a free condition of the given materials does not render negative influence on  clay and chemical reagents, suitable to repeated application for preparation of chisel solutions

Steel Industry

Methods, such as evaporation are rational, drying and crystallisation of solutions by effective image are used and in an iron and steel industry. At presence at the enterprise of modern equipment ICF and Welko there is a possibility to receive products, such as a powder copper and cuporos of nickel  from electrolytes  manufactures, cuporos of iron from etching solutions, to carry out processing of etching solutions in manufacture of products from the alloyed steels and nonferrous metals.

Certainly, it is almost impossible to list all width of a range of possible solutions, but it is obvious that acquisition spray dryers, gives fine prospect for modern successful business.